{short description of image} My medical Recruiting Partners (mmrp.us)
A split network exclusively for Medical & Pharmaceutical Recruiters
mmrp is a subsidiary of the US Recruiting Network
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mmrp is a subsidiary of the US-Recruiting Network

The mission of mmrp is to provide a vehicle that enables member recruiters to conduct split placements with trusted business partners within mmrp network.

Unlike other split networks, mmrp is driven by passion, rather than profit. This means that there are no fees due to the network when a split is successfully completed. You, the recruiter, keep what you earned without paying an additional percentage to mmrp.
Plus the annual membership dues in mmrp for most members are less than the quarterly dues assessed by other networks.

The second goal of mmrp is to ultimately fulfill our member clients staffing needs, thus making it a “win-win” endeavor for all.

Since mmrp is a subsidiary of The US Recruiting Network (USRN) all current USRN Medical & Pharmaceutical recruiter members are grandfathered into mmrp and their dues in USRN enables them to participate mmrp.

There are two ways prospective recruiters can participate in mmrp split network.

  1. Be recommended and sponsored by an existing (mmrp.us) member.
  2. Contact mmrp for an initial phone interview and complete a membership application. Once mmrp receives your completed application, mmrp will review your application and approve or reject it within 24 hours.

The annual dues for a new member in mmrp is based on the size of your organization.

If you have any questions feel free to contact:

mmrp.us 2310 Golf View Drive
River Falls, WI 54022
Telephone: 715-629-7587